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Move pressure-vessel-adverb subprocess supervision into common code

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/into-library2 into main

Continuation of !671 (merged) and !672 (merged), could be useful for steamrt/tasks#387.

  • !671 (merged)

  • !672 (merged)

  • pv-adverb: Move low-level subprocess management into common code

    There's no reason why this particularly needs to be pressure-vessel-specific, and since commit 7627197e "steam-runtime-tools: Separate out modules not in the shared library" we can share code between pressure-vessel/ and bin/ without enlarging the shared library.

  • pv-adverb: Factor out more subprocess management as SrtProcessManager

    No functional change intended other than a few debug messages, but this will let us recycle this code for a new steam-runtime-supervisor which does not depend on pressure-vessel-specific code and can easily be included in the scout runtime.

    Helps: steamrt/tasks#387

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