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Use libglnx g_fdwalk_set_cloexec() backport

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/cloexec into main
  • launcher-service: Use g_fdwalk_set_cloexec backport

    This avoids a layering violation: we no longer need to borrow Flatpak code from pressure-vessel, making the build system easier to reason about.

  • pv-adverb: Use g_fdwalk_set_cloexec() backport

    This is functionally equivalent to flatpak_close_fds_workaround(), but more clearly async-signal-safe.

  • pv-wrap: Use g_fdwalk_set_cloexec() instead of flatpak_close_fds_workaround()

    This is essentially a backport of the change proposed in

  • pv-adverb: Split out a child-setup function for running helpers

    This is much simpler and doesn't do any fd management.

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