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WIP: SDK: Add straightforward -dev packages needed by Proton

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/t28539 into steamrt/soldier
  • SDK: Add libcapstone-dev

    We already have libcapstone3 in the SDK as a side-effect of including libcasefold-dev, and Proton wants its development headers too. With current information we believe it gets linked statically and so is not needed in the Platform.

    Resolves: #8 (closed)

  • SDK: Add libxpresent-dev

    We added to the Platform a while ago, but didn't add its development headers to the SDK. Proton needs them.

    Fixes: 9e0a44b5 "Platform: add"
    Resolves: #7 (closed)

  • SDK: Add gcc build-dependencies

    The Proton SDK Docker image, which is used to build Proton, needs to build a newer gcc cross-compiler targeting the Windows ABI (currently using mingw-w64). We already have runtime libraries corresponding to these; if we add their development files, that's one less thing for the Proton SDK to arrange.

    Resolves: #10 (closed)

Part of internal task T28539. I need to test this to make sure it doesn't pull in anything unexpected, but I think it should be relatively straightforward.

/cc @rbernon

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