steam-runtime-tools v0.20230601.0

  * pressure-vessel:
    - Cope gracefully with duplicate modules in LD_PRELOAD/LD_AUDIT
  * scout-on-soldier:
    - Remove compatibility with very old soldier releases
  * steam-runtime-tools library:
    - Use CRLF line endings for diagnostic messages if stderr is a terminal,
      fixing stair-stepping when running s-r-launch-client with debug enabled
  * launcher-service:
    - Add --stop-on-parent-exit option
    - Validate bus names properly
    - Improve exit status for a wrong --exit-on-readable
    - Fix a typo in the man page
  * Automated tests:
    - Restructure pv-adverb code so we can unit-test it
    - Make sure we generate an invalid D-Bus name when needed
    - Expand test coverage for launcher-service options