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wrap-setup: Don't revert environment variables we already changed

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/sr662 into main

Now that pv-runtime and pv_bind_and_propagate_from_environ() both want to modify XDG_DATA_DIRS, they'll fight: pv-runtime alters XDG_DATA_DIRS, and then pv_bind_and_propagate_from_environ() alters it back again.

For Flatpak users, this manifested as an inability to load some (all?) Vulkan layers in the pressure-vessel sub-sandbox, because /usr/lib/pressure-vessel/overrides/share is prepended to the search path but then discarded. Non-Flatpak users will not usually be affected, although in principle they might be if their XDG_DATA_DIRS contains non-canonical paths like /opt/lib/../share.

This fixes a regression in 0.20240301.0.

Fixes: 8d76938e "pv-wrap: Explicitly share $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, etc. if sharing $HOME"

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