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check-requirements: Check some common reasons for pressure-vessel not to work

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/task406 into main
  • !682 (merged)

  • Rename pv-bwrap to srt-bwrap, and build it as part of the bin option

    Now that SLR - sniper is a mandatory dependency for steamwebhelper, we want to be able to test for a working bwrap as part of steam-runtime-check-requirements.

    Because this change alters the default_options for a subproject, it requires build directories to be reconfigured with meson setup --wipe. For users of build-aux/ it should be sufficient to run:

      build-aux/ setup
  • pressure-vessel: Factor out most of pv_wrap_check_bwrap()

    This will let us use it from steam-runtime-check-requirements.

  • check-requirements: Remove an unused variable

  • check-requirements: If not in Flatpak or p-v, check that bwrap works


  • system-info: Add a diagnostic flag for running Steam from below /usr

    Now that Steam hard-requires the Steam Linux Runtime container environment, we cannot have the Steam installation in /usr/local/games or similar, because the whole point of the container environment is that it replaces /usr with one that is under our control.


  • check-requirements: Check whether Steam is installed below /usr

    Now that the steamwebhelper requires the container runtime framework, this is no longer possible.

  • check-requirements: Add --verbose, -v option to show more info

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