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pv-wrap: If STEAM_COMPAT_TRACING=1, expose /sys/kernel/tracing rw

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/task404 into main
  • utils: Add _srt_environ_get_boolean()

    This generalizes _srt_boolean_environment() to take an environment pointer instead of always looking at environ, and raise an error instead of always logging a g_warning().

  • lib: Add support for parsing $STEAM_COMPAT_FLAGS, $STEAM_COMPAT_TRACING


  • pv-wrap: Pass through SrtSteamCompatFlags when setting up API filesystems

  • pv-wrap: If STEAM_COMPAT_TRACING=1, expose /sys/kernel/tracing rw


The intention is that Steam will set STEAM_COMPAT_TRACING=1 if and only if the Steam Deck developer option for system tracing has been enabled.

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