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Reduce size of pressure-vessel/wrap.c

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/reduce-wrap.c into main
  • pv-wrap: Move environment variable setup into bwrap.c

    wrap.c is too big, and because it contains main(), it's hard to unit-test.

    No functional changes intended, but the structure of this code has been changed: the difference between the "Flatpak subsandbox" and "Flatpak with the equivalent of flatpak-spawn --host" code paths was previously inside the loop, but is now outside the loop.

  • tests: Unit-test pv_bwrap_container_env_to_envp, etc.

  • pv-wrap: Move bind_and_propagate_from_environ() out of wrap.c

    No functional changes, except that the choice of whether we are using a Flatpak subsandbox moves inside the loop.

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