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Build system cleanup

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/build into main
  • bin: Consolidate build recipes for similar programs

  • tests: Sort build recipes for tests after test helpers

    If we don't do this, we won't be able to give the tests proper dependencies on the helper programs that they use.

  • build: Make tests depend on all built targets

    This allows doing:

      meson setup _build
      meson test -C _build

    without an intervening meson compile step. Previously, this would have failed because the tests require various helpers and fixtures, while some of the code under test also requires helper programs, and some of the code under test is a CLI program.

    For a project this small, there's no real need to distinguish precisely which programs are needed by which test: we can just assume that all tests need all programs, like Autotools would.


Best reviewed a commit at a time.

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