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pv-runtime: Cope with OSs where an alias is used as the canonical SONAME

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/dota2-issue2392-aliases into main
  • runtime: Factor out handling a single alias entry

  • runtime: If creating one alias fails, move on to the next one

    If we need aliases for (for example) and, and creating the alias symlink for fails, there's no reason not to try to set up

  • runtime: Briefly document RuntimeArchitecture fields

  • runtime: Expand logging for aliases

    Not many libraries have aliases, and those that do are unusual and relatively likely to go wrong, so it's worth being a little more verbose here.

  • runtime: Cope with OSs where an alias is used as the canonical SONAME

    The upstream SONAME of the reference libbz2 library is, but Fedora and its derivatives patch the build system to change the SONAME to In Debian (and therefore the Steam Runtime) we provide as an alias for the canonical library name, but in Fedora, is the canonical library name (and there is no symlink).

    We do not normally need a host copy of libbz2 at all, because graphics drivers do not normally depend on it. but nvidia-vaapi-driver pulls it in via GStreamer and elfutils libdw.

    When we set up the container, in the common case where we do not need to use the host, we make sure to create a symlink in /overrides/lib/TUPLE/aliases, pointing to the runtime's driver. Similarly, if we use a newer host copy of as a dependency of a graphics driver, we would create a symlink pointing to that (via /overrides/lib/TUPLE/

    The case that we did not deal correctly with until now is that the graphics driver dependencies on the host include, with its SONAME set accordingly. If that happens, then we need to create a symlink that is the reverse of what we would usually do, with pointing to the host's


Seems to work fine on Fedora 38 where I could previously reproduce the lower-level symptoms of the issue.

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