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launcher-service enhancements

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/task293-prep into main
  • tests: Make sure we generate an invalid D-Bus name when needed

    If we generate a UUID, it is not necessarily the case that at least one of its components starts with a digit: they might all start with hex digits a-f. Force the issue by adding .0, which is definitely not a valid D-Bus name component.

  • launcher-service: Improve exit status for a wrong --exit-on-readable

  • tests: Expand test coverage for launcher-service options

  • launcher-service(1): Fix a typo

  • utils: Add wrappers for prctl PR_SET_PDEATHSIG

  • launcher-service: Add the ability to exit automatically on parent exit

    This lets us attach a launcher-service instance to a larger process, such as Steam or the container supervisor process for a game, in such a way that it will automatically be cleaned up when no longer necessary.

  • utils: Add convenience wrappers for a Unix pipe, as a pair of fds

Preparation for steamrt/tasks#293.

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