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Steam Runtime 3 'sniper' prototype
Steam Runtime 3 'sniper' is a possible future runtime environment for
Steam. It's essentially the same as Steam Runtime 2 'soldier', but based
on a newer version of Debian (currently Debian 11 'bullseye').
Instead of forming a `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` that merges the host OS's shared
libraries with the shared libraries provided by Valve, it uses Linux
namespace (container) technology to build a more predictable environment.
Steam Runtime 2 'soldier' works the same way.
At the time of writing, no versions of 'sniper' have been released:
it's a development codename for a possible future runtime, superseding
Steam Runtime 2 'soldier'. Depending what happens during development,
it might be released at some point in the future, or it might be rebased
on a newer version of Debian, or Steam Runtime 3 might be something
completely different.
See <> for more information
about the Steam Runtime.
Where can I get it?
Builds of 'sniper' are not yet available.
What's in this repository?
This repository mostly provides "metapackages". This is Debian jargon for
a package that is (almost) empty, and pulls in desired packages by having
dependencies on them.
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