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Steam Runtime 2 'soldier'
Steam Runtime 2 'soldier' is a new runtime environment for Steam. Instead
of forming a `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` that merges the host OS's shared libraries
with the shared libraries provided by Valve, it uses Linux namespace
(container) technology to build a more predictable environment.
At the time of writing, it is used as a runtime environment for Proton 5.13
or later, which are compiled against the newer library stack and are
incompatible with the older Steam Runtime 1 'scout'.
See <> for more information
about the Steam Runtime.
Where can I get it?
The "Steam Linux Runtime - soldier" compatibility tool (app ID 1391110).
is automatically downloaded to your Steam library as
`common/SteamLinuxRuntime_soldier` when you select a version of Proton
that requires it.
If you need more,
<> contains
several versions of soldier. Each version's subdirectory contains:
* source code in the `sources` subdirectory
* container images that can run games
(`*.Platform-*-runtime.tar.gz`, which can also be converted into Flatpak
* container images that can run games with debugging tools available
(`*.Sdk-*-runtime.tar.gz` and `*.Sdk-*-debug.tar.gz`,
which can also be converted into Flatpak runtimes)
* container images for compiling your own software
(`*.Sdk-*-sysroot.tar.gz`, and `*.Sdk-*-sysroot.Dockerfile`, which can
also be converted into a Docker image)
What's in this repository?
This repository mostly provides "metapackages". This is Debian jargon for
a package that is (almost) empty, and pulls in desired packages by having
dependencies on them.
Developing software that runs in soldier
Games that require soldier cannot yet be released on Steam. This
will hopefully become possible in future, when the container runtime
infrastructure is more robust.
A SDK environment is available as a Docker image.
Please see <> and
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