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steam-runtime-tools v0.20230831.0

  * system-info: Detect whether the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or container runtime
    is on a fully-featured Linux filesystem
    - Non-Linux filesystems (NTFS, FAT, SMB/CIFS, etc.) are diagnosed as a
      potential issue because they often lack features like permissions,
      ownership, symbolic links and hard links.
    - Networked filesystems (NFS, SMB/CIFS, etc.) are diagnosed as a
      potential issue because they often make "fast" metadata operations
      unexpectedly slow.
    - Overlay and user-space filesystems (overlayfs, FUSE, etc.) are
      diagnosed as a potential issue because we cannot tell whether the
      backing filesystem is in one of the above problematic categories.
  * pressure-vessel: Try to cope with being unable to set file permissions:
    - On a NTFS or other non-Unix filesystem
      (steam-runtime#434, steam-runtime#460, steam-runtime#491,
      steam-runtime#544, steam-runtime#606)
    - On a Unix filesystem owned by someone else
      (as seen in a comment on steam-runtime#434)
    - Please note that Proton is outside the scope of this project, and
      intentionally does not allow being shared between different Unix
      user IDs (see Proton#4820, steam-runtime#477).
    - Please note that the affected configurations are not recommended.
      The recommended layout is to have all Steam libraries on native,
      local Linux filesystems (ext4, btrfs, xfs or similar), owned by the
      same user ID that runs Steam.
    - System administrators should be aware that configuring write access
      to the Steam library for more than one user, for example NTFS
      with umask=007 or 000, will allow any of the users with write
      permission to gain control over the account of any other user
      who will run Steam games from that library (a privilege escalation
      security vulnerability).
      Do not use this arrangement unless you completely trust all users
      who have write access to the Steam library.
  * Update libglnx to 2023-08-29:
    - Use libglnx backport of g_strv_equal() instead of our own
    - Avoid generating crash dumps during unit testing
  * Build system refactoring