steam-runtime-tools v0.20230314.0

  [ Simon McVittie ]
  * pv-wrap: Stop providing /run/host/container-runtime.
    This was never an intended way to detect the container environment:
    the intended interface is to look for /run/host/container-manager, as
    per <>.
    Removing this will cause controller hotplug detection to regress in
    games that bundled their own copy of SDL between 2.25.x (sometime
    around September 2022) and 2.26.4. However, removing this can also
    avoid a crash with some bundled SDL versions.
    The regression can be avoided by not bundling SDL, and instead
    relying on the Steam Runtime to provide a sufficiently recent version.

  [ Ludovico de Nittis ]
  * graphics-provider: Ignore Homebrew/Linuxbrew paths.
    Older versions of Homebrew used to install `ldconfig` into the general
    Homebrew bin directory that was usually prepended to PATH. This
    could result in crashes, because ldconfig is tightly coupled to the
    version of glibc in use, and we would try to use Homebrew's ldconfig
    with the system glibc. Newer versions of Homebrew avoid this by not
    putting their ldconfig in the PATH. (steam-runtime#569)
  * wrap-setup: Preserve a custom XCURSOR_PATH values from the host

  [ Simon McVittie, Miguel Casique Meneses ]
  * Tests/CI adjustments (steamrt/tasks#248)